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Here at 40° Degrees Media we are fortunate to have an inviting, easy going, creative space, that feeds and fuels what we do every day.

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It’s easy: all we need is your eternal love. In all seriousness though, we just need you to fill out the form and we’ll reach back out to you within one business day. Even in business, relationships work best when taken one day at a time.


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Once you submit your website information, we’ll conduct a quick site review at no charge in order to determine if we’re able to support, fix, & maintain your WordPress website in a way that’s going to be healthy for us and your business.


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After we talk things over and if we both decide to move forward, we’ll send you a simple agreement that will outline our commitment to each other and how we plan to keep going in a healthy and platonic manner. Strictly business 😉

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