Brand Strategy & Identity

40° Degrees Media has teamed up with Jorge Sanclemente of Planet Marca  to provide the most exceptional brand design experience we can to our customers.

Brand Strategy

Successful brands create emotional connections with their audience through storytelling, thoughtful imagery, and graphic design by engaging people’s senses, building bonds, almost like a fan following their team. We are thinkers and brand strategists with over twenty years of experience.

Brand Identity

Putting a face to the name. You know how people often say, “I can’t remember names, but I never forget a face.” With a well-crafted brand strategy, we can create a face for your brand that will never be forgotten.

Our Branding & Identity Process



We’ll do everything in our power to understand the vision you have for your product and services, and how you stand out from your competition. We’ll explore the meaning behind your brand and goals you have for the future. We want your brand to stand the test of time.


Stylescape Study

Your brand should reflect the culture of your business, as well as your business philosophy and personality (yes, every business has one). We’ll study your brand and produce 3 stylescape options that reflect the direction you want your brand to go in. 


Digital Sketches

After discovering your brand personality, we’ll use that to come up with several brand mark digital concept “sketches” in order to determine the logo direction you would like your product/business to go in.


Logo Exploration

We’ll develop 9 complete black and white logo concepts for you to go over. These will all be iterations from the initial sketches, and we’ll explain how we came up with each one. From here, we’ll work closely with you to determine which mark most strongly represents your brand. 


Identity Show & Tell

With the final brand mark decided, we’ll begin to add in your brand colors. We’ll finalize your brand mark in both black on white, white on black, and color versions. We’ll show your mark in your brand colors displayed on digitized merchandise, in order to help visualize your product in use.


Brand Delivery

Finally, we’ll deliver your digital brand in color, black, and white formats. We’ll provide you with variations of file types (png, jpg, vector, etc.). We’ll also provide you with font styles and usage standards for fonts and brand mark.

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