About Us

Here at 40° Degrees Media we are fortunate to have an inviting, easy going, creative space, that feeds and fuels what we do every day.

What we do

We specialize in building websites that are a reflection of your brand, they’re mobile-friendly, easy to update and maintain, and help convert visitors into customers so your business can thrive online.

Our philosophy

We all get caught up in our own work, our own lives, our own issues, but somehow the stresses of life seem to melt away when you’re helping other people.

Who we work with

We’ve had some incredible opportunities to work with startups, large and small brands, agencies, business owners, non-profits, and many others around the world. 

What makes us different?

It’s true, we love to talk about design. And we love to talk about colors & layout, and the rule of thirds, UI/UX, and how important local vocabulary is for your content and search relevance. We even enjoy talking about video, photography & lighting, and the elements that work best online. But the biggest difference for us is the time we get to invest in people…the people we work with, our customers, and the relationships we build day in and day out.

Our way of doing business is not just about pixels and website audits. It’s about the people behind the business. It’s the process of working through your brand details with you, and making sure we’re capturing your culture, your vision, and your values, so that we’re able to tell your story and communicate who you are to those you want to reach.

Our Simple Web Design Process

Once you become a customer of ours, here’s the process we go through to understand your brand and design your new site.



We’ll complete an audit of all your existing content, both online and offline, necessary website functionality, as well as research to discover any future content expectations, and we’ll use this to map the structure of your site.


Brand Clarity

Your online presence should reflect the brand essence, philosophy, and service approach of your business. We will work with you to get insight into your business, values, philosophy, and any other information that will guide the direction of the brand integration. We’ll work closely with you to be sure we keep track of your identity.



In the design phase we’ll work to put together page layouts for a few different views, including the home page, sub pages, the content page templates, and any additional templates needed. We’ll begin to map about simple skeletons of your website with a few visuals for the finished design, allowing us to experiment and iterate on solutions quickly so that we have a good sense of how content should be laid out across different screen sizes.



Once you’ve approved the design, we’ll start building out the site, and we’ll begin integrating your new designs into the WordPress content management system (CMS). Using a CMS gives you full control over your content and provides you with the ability to make necessary updates when you need to, quickly. We’ll begin by putting your new website together in a development environment so we can test everything before it goes live.



We test your site across major web browsers, as well as several different screen sizes so that once we launch your site you can rest assured that it will look good for your visitors. If any issues arise out of the testing, we’ll be sure and fix those prior to your site going live.



The details of your business matter to you. Your website should reflect that. We’ll double and triple check that the information on your website reflects your business accurately and professionally by the time we launch. We want your visitors to have an incredible experience when they’re on your website.

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